atHome Pharmacy will provide a higher level of personal attention to you, save your time, money and help you be healthier.

Free Delivery

Next day delivery is FREE for patients in Southeast Michigan and Ann Arbor Area.  We will either set up a delivery time with you during your monthly phone call or you may call us to schedule a delivery.

Same Copay

Our Copay is the SAME!!! The price that you pay at another pharmacy will be the SAME here.

Med Sync

We utilize the Med Sync software which will align your copays to be billable at the same time each month. This means that you will have all your medications on the same day each month. Learn more about the importance of syncing your medications.

Personalized Health Care Service

We provide you with a pharmacy atHome and at your convenience. We treat each patient individualized and make sure that you understand each medication and ensure that you have all the appropriate supplies and information with each order. Moreover, with each patient we look for ways to save you money through cost saving programs or recommending alternative therapies with similar effectiveness to your physician.

Along with providing your medications we also provide atHome comprehensive medication reviews (CMR) to ensure that you understand each medication and to assess ways to optimize your health and save you money.



Transferring is EASY! Just call us at 734-219-7770 or enter your information in the CONTACT US page.