Health Care Providers

AtHome Pharmacy is a new unique pharmacy delivery service dedicated to improving the health of your patients on multiple medications. Our personal and customized at-home services improve communication and compliance. We help patients live healthier lives and more efficiently utilize our healthcare system.

Approximately 50 percent of medications for chronic disease are not taken as prescribed. Current methods of improving medication adherence for chronic health problems are not very effective per a review in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Optimize Medication Adherence

We are a pharmacy specialized to address the adherence problem. Our model ensures that your patients will become more compliant through dedicated procedures from Trust pharmacy that include At Home Comprehensive Medication Reviews, Med Sync (computer software to align patients’ refills once a month) Consistent Monthly Follow-up Phone Calls and Home Delivery (or wherever is convenient to the patient).

Comprehensive Medication Reviews

Our Medication Therapy Management Services MTM are available at your patient’s home, your medical clinic or where ever is convenient for the patient.  These will not impede with your daily work flow and are at no charge to you or the patient.

Improve Quality Measures

We can improve your Quality Measures. Contact us to set up a phone call or face to face meeting to discuss how we can help your practice.

Simplify the Pharmacy Experience

We are your resource for anything related to your patient’s medications. The simplification is built into our pharmacy model. We are a delivery based operation and do not have the staffing constraints that burden other pharmacy organizations. Our focus is on your staff and your patients. Whether it is giving your team alternatives to what medications are covered by a specific insurance plan, consolidating refill requests or providing your patent’s with cost savings opportunities. We accommodate your team and your patients.

How it Works

All services are FREE to you or your patients. To start working with our team identify patients who are taking multiple chronic medications (who may or may not be compliant) and call us. We will then set up an appointment with your patient at their convenience and at their location of choice (can be at their home, work or at your clinic). We will not impede with your workflow and we will send you a summary of the comprehensive medication review after the patient’s appointment.

Additionally, if you are interested in improving your Quality Scores to improve insurance reimbursement rates contact us and we can set up a phone call or meeting (This service is also 100% FREE!)


Transferring is EASY! Just call us at 734-219-7770 or enter your information in the CONTACT US page.